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Our school has got a rather long name: Kossuth Lajos Secondary Grammar, Technical School, Primary School, Pedagogical Counselling Service and Student Hostel.

The school is situated in a small town with about 12,000 inhabitants, near Lake Tisza, in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County.

In the neighbourhood you can find some famous bigger towns with several interesting sights, for example Eger, Debrecen and Miskolc.

Tiszafüred is a part of Hortobágy National Park with its well-known plain called “puszta” in Hungarian.

The school was established in 1951 but the present building itself was built in 1968.

This is a state-run school with a partly independent financial situation. In the term of 2009/2010 we have got about 650 students in 23 classes and 48 teachers.

We can offer the following educational facilities:

•    Eight-grade secondary grammar classes
•    Four-grade secondary grammar classes
•    Technical classes of Trade and Economics
•    After-Matura technical classes

There are two possibilities:

•    Two-year course of Trade – with theoretical and practical training. After the final examinations graduates can work in different shops

•    Two-year course of Tourism – with theoretical and practical training. Having written their thesis and taken their exams graduates can find a job in hotels, catering and tourism.

Technical background of our school:

•    2 computer rooms equipped with modern ICT devices
•    Well-equipped labs for different subjects
•    One classroom with an interactive board
•    A school-office for the technical classes to practise
•    A school library with about 23,000 books
•    A school-gym in the building
•    A school-canteen
•    A student hostel for 50 people
•    A school shop

Further pictures can be seen here about our school-life and on the website of the school, with the title “Képeink”.

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